Friday, May 7, 2010

Link Exchange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Link Exchange is the significant factors to be counted one of the good sites in the sense of  Search Engine. The more relevant sites are linking to your website, the more Link Popularity your Website get. So increase  high Link Popularity  i.e. inbound link to your site to achieve Search Engine Ranking Positions.  So it has become mandatory to do Link Exchange with other relavent Sites to get Good Page Rank.  If there is a link of your site lying on others site then Search Engine understands it Vote. The more vote you get of your site, The more Popularity you get.

There are three types of Link Exchange:

  1. Regular Link Exchange or One-way Link Exchange
  2. Reciprocal Link Exchange 
  3. 3-Way Link Exchange
1.  Regular Link Exchange is the way to increase number of backlinks without putting the others website link to    your site. It is Very Powerful to get Search Engine Page Rank.  For Linking to your site with other sites through Regular or One way link, You need to do Directory Submission.

2.  Reciprocal Link Exchange or 2-way Link Exchange is the way in which we get inbound link and for getting in bound link we give outbound link. That is We add others website Link to our Website and ask them to add our link on the same Website. Reciprocal Link Exchange is easy but very powerful to get Page Rank.
You can do Directory Submission with Reciprocal Exchange or Just Exchange link with some of  other sites.

3.  3-Way Link Exchange is Quite Confusing Link exchange but very powerful to get Search Engine Page Rank. In this We add others link on some other sites and ask them to add our site on their site.
It Can be clearly Understand by this Example:-  We have 2 websites A and B. and others have 1 Website that is C. What we do, We add Con our B Websites and ask C to add our A Website Link  on his Web page.

Some Points to Keep in Mind at the time of Link Exchange:

  •   Do Link Exchange only with the Websites which has related theme
  •   Do not do Link Exchange with Pornographic or Gaming Sites
  •   Always do Link Exchange with the sites which has Higher Page Rank or Equal Page Rank than your   site.
  •   Do not do Link Exchange with the sites which has been mainly created for doing Link Exchange. It may be harmful for your website.
  •   Always try to get more inbound link. Try to get less outbound link from your site.

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