Sunday, May 9, 2010

KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index):

Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI)  helps you to understand the major Keyword that is very important to get your website Search Engine Ranking.

What is the KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index)? 

The KEI  lets you understand which keyword are most effective for your website to get more web traffic. It compares the number of searches for a keyword with the number of search results to pinpoint which keywords are most effective for your campaign. The Basic Formula to Calculate
KEI : Demand/Supply  Where
Demand = Number of searches for a keyword  (when you search a keyword in Google Keyword Too, then what result you see is Demand)
Supply = Number of search results (When you search a keyword in Google, then what result you see is Supply)
If the number of searches for a particular  keyword is 889 in Google Keyword Tool per month and Google displays 8143,324 results for that keyword. Then the ratio between the Demand and Supply for that keyword is 889 divided by 813,324. In this case, the KEI 0.001.
The Formula can be written also Popularity/Competiveness = KEI
If your KEI is higher then it is understood that your Keyword is Popular. And there is less competition of that Keyword. It indicates that you have a better chance of getting to the top of Search Engine Searching.

KEI  is a Good Indicator For Useful Keywords!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As We have discussed above the KEI definition, The Keyword which does not have much competion in the Search Result and that have more searches is the best keywords.
Using KEI, you can not know the quality of the competition. It may be possible that there are few competitors in the search results,  but these competitors are Old and Big players with vast SEO teams and having thousands or lacs of  back links.

Only the number of Search Results of a Keyword does not tell whether it is easy to get your web page in on First page of Search Engine Searching. It is very easy to get your website from position 20,000 to the position 10,000 than from position 100 to 10.

KEI  is not a scientific number. The KEI numbers may not be comparable for all keywords. The keyword counts will be different for different keywords and the search results always changes because a special word in the search term triggers a special filter.

What Does KEI indicate to Your Web Site?

For getting your website on top of Search Engine Searching you need to choose your Each Webpage Keywords deliberately.  KEI  helps you to understand and choose keywords but you must not rely too much on it. It should be the last step when choosing keywords.

Formula to Know KEI?

KEI = (P^2/C), where
 P= Popularity of Keyword and
C=Competiveness of Keyword

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