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KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index):

Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI)  helps you to understand the major Keyword that is very important to get your website Search Engine Ranking.

What is the KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index)? 

The KEI  lets you understand which keyword are most effective for your website to get more web traffic. It compares the number of searches for a keyword with the number of search results to pinpoint which keywords are most effective for your campaign. The Basic Formula to Calculate
KEI : Demand/Supply  Where
Demand = Number of searches for a keyword  (when you search a keyword in Google Keyword Too, then what result you see is Demand)
Supply = Number of search results (When you search a keyword in Google, then what result you see is Supply)
If the number of searches for a particular  keyword is 889 in Google Keyword Tool per month and Google displays 8143,324 results for that keyword. Then the ratio between the Demand and Supply for that keyword is 889 divided by 813,324. In this case, the KEI 0.001.
The Formula can be written also Popularity/Competiveness = KEI
If your KEI is higher then it is understood that your Keyword is Popular. And there is less competition of that Keyword. It indicates that you have a better chance of getting to the top of Search Engine Searching.

KEI  is a Good Indicator For Useful Keywords!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As We have discussed above the KEI definition, The Keyword which does not have much competion in the Search Result and that have more searches is the best keywords.
Using KEI, you can not know the quality of the competition. It may be possible that there are few competitors in the search results,  but these competitors are Old and Big players with vast SEO teams and having thousands or lacs of  back links.

Only the number of Search Results of a Keyword does not tell whether it is easy to get your web page in on First page of Search Engine Searching. It is very easy to get your website from position 20,000 to the position 10,000 than from position 100 to 10.

KEI  is not a scientific number. The KEI numbers may not be comparable for all keywords. The keyword counts will be different for different keywords and the search results always changes because a special word in the search term triggers a special filter.

What Does KEI indicate to Your Web Site?

For getting your website on top of Search Engine Searching you need to choose your Each Webpage Keywords deliberately.  KEI  helps you to understand and choose keywords but you must not rely too much on it. It should be the last step when choosing keywords.

Formula to Know KEI?

KEI = (P^2/C), where
 P= Popularity of Keyword and
C=Competiveness of Keyword

How to Know Whether Google has crawled in you site?

Click on the url given below:

If your site has been crawled by google then your will see this message:

"Googlebot last successfully accessed your home page on Nov 20, 2007"

That means your site has been crawled by Google.

It takes to to be indexed by Google, but Google knows about your site if you've been crawled, and you just need to get out of the "sandbox" which can take 2 to 3 months. Try to get inbound links to achieve your site's popularity in the meantime.

You can also Ping google to index and crawl your site very soon. Just go in Google and type Google Ping.
Now there will be a option to enter your website or blog url, Enter your website url and submit it. There will be a snapshot of your website in Google and your site will take less to be crawled by Google.

SEO Page Tester Tool

seo tools

Is your web page optimized? Test it now:



Search Engine Spider Simulator Tool

Search Engine Spider Simulator
Enter URL to Spider

How to Submit Videos to YouTube????????????????????

Step 1
Go to the YouTube home page (see the Resources section below).
Step 2
Log in to the system by clicking 'Log In.' To create a new account, select 'Sign Up.'
Step 3
Click the 'Upload Videos' text link.
Step 4
Enter your first video's title. Be as descriptive as possible, as this will be on display to all YouTube viewers.
Step 5
Type a detailed description of the video's content.
Step 6
Create tags for your content. Tags are keywords that users can enter to find videos like yours.
Step 7
Click the category that is most relevant.
Step 8
Hit the language pull-down menu and click the language your video is in..
Step 9
Read the copyright notice.
Step 10
Click 'Continue Uploading.'
Step 11
Select 'Choose File.' A pop-up window will appear. Select your video from your hard drive's list and click 'Choose.'
Step 12
Decide whether you want your video to be 'Public' or 'Private,' and click the corresponding button. You may also choose to send the video to a pre-existing contact list of family and friends.
Step 13
Click 'Upload Video.' Your content has now been submitted to the YouTube community.

What is Sitemap and How to make it and Upload it?

A site map is a visual or textually organized model of a Web site's content that allows the users to navigate through the site to find the information they are looking for, just as a traditional geographical map helps people find places they are looking for in the real world. A site map is a kind of interactive table of contents, in which each listed item links directly to its counterpart sections of the Web site. Site maps perform the same service that the layout maps in large shopping malls perform: without them, it is possible to explore a complex site by trial and error, but if you want to be sure to find what you're looking for, the most efficient way to do that is to consult a model of the resources available. If a Web site is small and uncomplicated, a site map may be unnecessary, just as a layout map may not be required for shoppers to find their way through small shopping malls.
Creating and submitting a Sitemap helps make sure that Google knows about all the pages on your site, including URLs that may not be discoverable by Google's normal crawling process.
There are 4 types of Sitemap
1. XML Sitemap
2. ROR Sitemap
3. HMTL Sitemap
4. TEXT Sitemap
Here are 5 simple steps to get it done
1. Open Website
2. Enter your full website URL and some optional parameters in the form below.
3. Press 'Start' button and wait until the site is completely crawled (the progress will be indicated)
4. You will see the generated sitemap details page, including number of pages, broken links list, XML file content and link to a compressed sitemap. Download the sitemap file using this link and put it into the "public_html/" folder of your site.
5. Go to your Google Webmaster account and add your sitemap URL.
Please check About Sitemaps for more t

Googel Analytics

Google Analytics (abbreviated GA) is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website.
Using Google Analytics, it is easy to know from how much traffic came to my site. Now it is easy to follow and concentrate more attention to those traffic. Because you have come to know the Audience of your choice.

Use Google Analytics to learn which online marketing initiatives are cost effective and see how visitors actually interact with your site. Make informed site design improvements, drive targeted traffic, and increase your conversions and profits.

Google Bombing

The terms Google bomb and Googlewashing refer to practices intended to influence the ranking of particular pages in results returned by the Google search engine, often with humorous or political intentions.
It is a practive to keep the links of ur all sites on single page to improve the ranking of your page.

For example, if a user registers many domains and all of them link to a main site with the text "Seo jobs " then searching for "Seo jobs" on Google will return the main site higher in the ranking, even if the phrase "Seo jobs" doesn't appear on the main site. A common means of exploiting this is through weblogs, where although the entry may disappear from the main page quickly, the short-term effects of a link can dramatically affect the ranking of a given site. Empirical results indicate that it does not take a large number of websites to achieve a Googlebomb. The effect has been achieved with only a handful of dedicated weblogs.

Social Bookmarking is Easy

Social bookmarking websites are becoming more and more popular. They allow you to save bookmarks online and Tag/Categorize them with keywords instead of saving them as bookmarks in the favorite’s list of your browser. Some of the sites are as follows:

* Stumbleupon
* Facebook
* MySpace
* Twitter
* Digg
* Delicious
* Email

To get more list of Bookmarking Sites you can go to:

Friday, May 7, 2010

Link Exchange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Link Exchange is the significant factors to be counted one of the good sites in the sense of  Search Engine. The more relevant sites are linking to your website, the more Link Popularity your Website get. So increase  high Link Popularity  i.e. inbound link to your site to achieve Search Engine Ranking Positions.  So it has become mandatory to do Link Exchange with other relavent Sites to get Good Page Rank.  If there is a link of your site lying on others site then Search Engine understands it Vote. The more vote you get of your site, The more Popularity you get.

There are three types of Link Exchange:

  1. Regular Link Exchange or One-way Link Exchange
  2. Reciprocal Link Exchange 
  3. 3-Way Link Exchange
1.  Regular Link Exchange is the way to increase number of backlinks without putting the others website link to    your site. It is Very Powerful to get Search Engine Page Rank.  For Linking to your site with other sites through Regular or One way link, You need to do Directory Submission.

2.  Reciprocal Link Exchange or 2-way Link Exchange is the way in which we get inbound link and for getting in bound link we give outbound link. That is We add others website Link to our Website and ask them to add our link on the same Website. Reciprocal Link Exchange is easy but very powerful to get Page Rank.
You can do Directory Submission with Reciprocal Exchange or Just Exchange link with some of  other sites.

3.  3-Way Link Exchange is Quite Confusing Link exchange but very powerful to get Search Engine Page Rank. In this We add others link on some other sites and ask them to add our site on their site.
It Can be clearly Understand by this Example:-  We have 2 websites A and B. and others have 1 Website that is C. What we do, We add Con our B Websites and ask C to add our A Website Link  on his Web page.

Some Points to Keep in Mind at the time of Link Exchange:

  •   Do Link Exchange only with the Websites which has related theme
  •   Do not do Link Exchange with Pornographic or Gaming Sites
  •   Always do Link Exchange with the sites which has Higher Page Rank or Equal Page Rank than your   site.
  •   Do not do Link Exchange with the sites which has been mainly created for doing Link Exchange. It may be harmful for your website.
  •   Always try to get more inbound link. Try to get less outbound link from your site.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Best SEO Tips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. At the very early of doing SEO of any page you should start with a little more bigger keyword. When your web page starts ranking in Google at some position from this keyword then only choose highly competitive keyword. For Example: SEO Services is highly want keyword so what you need, start with SEO Services in India or Seo Services in Delhi like keyword.

2. Keword ordering is very important for your page to get rank. For Example- SEO India and India SEO will be treated as two different keyword. So choose your keyword intelligently.

3. Put at least one of the primary keyword in your Sub domain or domain name of of website. For Seperating multiple keyword you can use hyphens(-).

For Example:- seo-tips-india, seo-services, seo-services-india.

4. There should not be any syntax error in your web page. Check all the pages whether there is any syntax error in the page. Validate HTML and CSS to minimize syntax error. Search Engine do not crawl pages in which there are lots of error.

5. Title of your web page should be in 1-10 words (50-90 characters) maximum in length. There should be at-least one primary keyword in Title.

The Title will be displayed in search results also so do research on it and choose wisely.

6. Write most important keyword phrases in heading tags on web page. It should not be exactly same as title of web page.
Write any word in (H1 H2 H3) tag for specifying anything important.
To short size of heading you can use CSS Style.

7. Write Keyword, Description and Title in Meta Tag. Although most of the Search Engine do not give importance of it but yet now some of the

Search engine like Yahoo still give it importance.

8. Write Web Page Meta Description attractive and related to web page containing keywords because it will appear on the search engine result pages.

9. Write text for navigation menu instead of using images or Java scripts.

10. Write your most important keyword in hyperlinked text and text that immediately precedes or follows the hyperlink.
Do not use same keyword always use synonyms at few places.
Jusk like instead of seo, I have use search engine optimization at many places on this page.

11. Write Alt attribute if you are using image to describe your image with proper keyword. Search Engine reads images with Alt tag.

12. Submit sitemap of your website to make sure all pages of your website are indexed by search engine crawlers. You can use Google Webmaster Tool for creating and submitting sitemap.

13. Keep size of each web page between 15 KB to 50 KB so it is downloaded fast and visitors do not have to wait for long.
For best SEO, ideal page size ideal should be 15KB.

14. Try to avoid your content in Flash, frame, images, java script because crawler find it very difficult and it is against seo tips and guidelines. Google Crawler does not read Flash image. Use simple image in place of flash.

15. Do not write dynamic url because it does not have keyword. If you are using any script which shows dynamic pages then make sure at least it should include one keyword.

16. Do not try to spam and never use methods like cloaking, keyword spamming or doorway pages.
Many seo advices to have multiple domain name and link each other but according to our SEO tips and guidelines search engine can penalize you for this. Instead of doing that try to add more quality content to your existing website. Your content should not be copied from somewhere else.

17. Submit your web page only once to google, Yahoo, AltaVista and other search engines and open directory.
Do not use any script or website for automatic submission.

18. If your web pages contents changes quite often then provide visitor with Newsletter and RSS feed.

19. Write articles on website related to yours having higher page ranking and leave your websites link.

20. Get link from other sites related to yours, search engine consider it as vote in your favour.

21. Make your account in Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Write your short and attractive content and leave your web page url so that you can get some visitor from there.